How long a gps tracker for car magnetic field can keep track of history

gps tracker for car magnetic

gps tracker for car magnetic can save the vehicle's historical track, mileage and other data to the GPS server, and can be queried when the management unit logs in to the positioning platform.

So how long does a gps tracker keep a database of historical tracks for car magnetic fields?

This depends on the agreement between the user and the GPS platform business to judge, if there is no agreement, the general GPS data storage time is more than three months by default

If the GPS platform is a self-built platform, such as fire security, then it will generally be stored for a long time, or even long-term storage

If it is an ordinary individual user, the gps tracker purchased for car magnetic, installed on their own car for use, is generally stored for three months, and some platforms will also store for one month

gps tracker for car magnetic


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