custom Stationery product of common materials

custom Stationery product

custom Stationery product is an important way for people to understand a company or enterprise, and it is also an important way for companies or enterprises to publicize and promote. It is not too difficult to do a custom Stationery product. The hard part is making a good custom Stationery product. The design of a good picture album is very effective, but a good design scheme also needs to be set off by the corresponding paper type, so that the perfect integration of art and craft, custom Stationery product can be added to attract people's attention and promote the brand benefits of the enterprise. Usually brochure printing priority choice coated paper, matte powder paper, white cardboard paper, etc., custom Stationery product cover and inner core of the paper type selected gram weight is also different, so what are the differences between these three paper types? How do we choose?

Coated paper

Copper sheet paper is usually the most commonly used paper for custom Stationery product printing. There are single-sided and double-sided paper. Generally, we will use double-sided coated paper with smooth surface, high smoothness, good brightness, good color reduction effect after printing, clear image, bright color and high color saturation. In addition, the dimensional stability of copper sheet paper is good, the tensile strength and the surface compressive strength are also very high, and the standard of precise packaging and printing can be achieved. There are many grams of copper sheet paper, including 70,80,105,128,157,180,200,230,250,300, 400, 450 grams. According to the number of custom Stationery productp, we can use different grams of paper. The main use of coated paper is more common: packaging and printing of high-grade book and magazine cover and illustration pictures, color pictures, a variety of exquisite product advertising, sample plate, product packaging, etc. Usually those who want rich colors and complicated patterns are made of copper sheet paper.

Matte paper

Matte paper is called matt copperplate paper, although the printed pattern is not as colorful as copperplate paper, it is more detailed and more high-end, and there are more pictures in the album, especially when the figure is more, such paper can be used, which is more elegant and so-called low-key elegance. At the same gram, matte paper will be thicker than copper paper, more ink, paper fiber distribution, good thickness, high relative density, good ductility and has strong waterproof and tensile properties, the absorption and reception of printing ink is slightly lower than copper paper, so matte paper is slightly harder to dry than copper paper. The more common main uses are products showing elegant and simple design style (such as: instruments and equipment, calligraphy and painting, antiques, etc.) or magazines and periodicals with photos or illustrations, personal portfolios, etc., do not focus on showing bright visual effects.

White cardboard

High smoothness, good stiffness toughness, clean appearance and good evenness. Common uses: business card printing, certificate, invitation, cover, envelope, color box, handbag, monthly calendar and postcards.

custom Stationery product


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